Attractions, Toroni beach apartments Sithonia Halkidiki studios
Attractions, Toroni beach apartments Sithonia Halkidiki studios
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Toroni Chalkidiki, is a seaside village on the south - west side of Sithonia that stretches along a vast sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

One of the most important attractions of Toroni is the church of Ag. Athanasios, built in the 5th century and rescued until today.

During the classical period, Toroni had two citadels, one in the south and one in the area, where today the remains of a Byzantine fortress are preserved, an archaeological site worth visiting.

Ancient Toroni was founded by Halkidiki in the 8th century BC. although it has evolved into one of the most important ancient cities of Northern Greece.

According to mythology, Toroni was the wife of Proteus, son of the god of the sea, Neptune.

The turquoise waters of the Toroneos Bay give you an unforgettable holiday. Toroni is a modern small town with taverns, restaurants and everything else that the traveler needs. You can enjoy excursions, mountaineering, cycling and water sports. As for your evenings Toroni is suitable for the tranquility, tranquility and relaxation that can offer you and your family on the peninsula of Halkidiki.

25 km away is Neos Marmaras, a cosmopolitan seaside village. The area combines relaxation, tranquility with intense nightlife and entertainment. It is also an ideal destination for morning and afternoon walks.

Toroni is a magnificent beach with crystal clear waters, stretching over 2.5 km. Toroni long beach, awarded with the blue flag, and is considered one of the best and most beautiful settlements in Sithonia. It is located at the southern tip of the second leg of Halkidiki. Along the beach there are shops, tavernas, bars and everything the traveler is looking for. It has a golden clear sand with blue-green waters. The beautiful scenery and the magnificent Toroni beach is something that will enchant you.

Toroni is famous for its crystal clear beach and the tranquility it offers for its visit. Among the many attractions that one can admire is the ancient city, the castle and the temple of St. Athanasius.

At an altitude of 300 meters above sea level in the area of Petralona, you will come across a real miracle of nature. The cave of Petralona with the countless impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Mount Athos: The third and eastern leg of Halkidiki. It has been known for the famous self-governing monastic community of Mount Athos. It is the only area in Greece that is totally dedicated to the worship of God and prayer. It is a self-governing part of the Greek state. Mount Athos occupies an area of 350 m².

Archaeological Museum of Polygyros: It includes exhibits from the whole Halkidiki peninsula, covering both prehistoric, geometric, archaic, classical and Roman periods. The findings from the excavations in the country of ancient Olynthos are also exhibited here. The significance of the ancient findings forced the extension of the museum's exhibition to other functions and now includes exhibition rooms, a periodical exhibition hall, a training room and a refreshment room.